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The explosion of digital technology has changed the way that businesses perceive value. Slowly they are realizing that people are the most important factor to success, and good team dynamics are the key to maximizing people’s potential.

A team that has fun together, builds friendships and trusts in one another is a powerful tool for businesses in any industry, and that’s caused an explosion in team building activities in recent years. Typical team building activities are often boring and seem cliché, so it makes building relationships difficult. Here is why combat archery is great for team building and why you should give it a try.

1. Gets you to communicate

We can’t stress enough on how communication is essential in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only apply to work. More often than not, we experience miscommunication because certain messages aren’t delivered correctly or we simply refuse to communicate. In the game of combat archery, you’re forced to communicate with your team members. You would unconsciously start a conversation with the person next to you or even exchange smiles. We’d like to think that that’s a form of communication too. When you work as a team, there’s a mutual feeling of wanting the best and to win the game.

2. Work as a team

There’s no “I” in “We” as obvious as it may seem. There’s bound to be that one person in the office who loves working alone even if it’s a group project. That’s not the case when you start playing combat archery. Yes, it’s true that everyone would be shooting at their opponents individually. This comes with a small form of teamwork. For instance, you could be busy shooting at your opponent without realising an arrow coming towards you. Sure your partner won’t have the heart to see you get attacked and out of the game. They’ll notify you quick enough so you can dodge the arrow before it hits you. Your team ganging up against your opponent and shooting endlessly is also teamwork!

3. Friendly war

We know that it’s a constant war zone in the office on a daily. With combat archery, it’s a FRIENDLY war zone. Break away from all seriousness and professionalism that you have in the office. Just be yourself and learn to have fun! You can go ahead and aim at anyone and shoot as many times possible. Or you could do so until you leave the pitch feeling all contented and no one’s going to blame you for aiming at them. This, in away, is a great form of team building as you’re able to break the ice and at least get to know someone new in the office. It could be someone that you’ve been afraid to talk to for a long time but with the help of games like combat archery, you’re able to open up and make friends!

4. Be precise

Combat archery may seem like a simple game to many. After all, it’s just holding the bow on one hand and shooting the arrow on the other. How hard can it be? Well, don’t speak too soon until you’ve tried it yourself! You’ll learn that not being precise with shooting your arrows will cause it to go haywire. Furthermore, if you can’t aim well, you’re not able to attack the person that you’ve been eyeing on. Thus, accuracy matters. Likewise, you need to be precise when doing your work back in the office and only then can you produce the best work to your boss!

5. Awesome workout

A company that works out together stays together. Never fear if you haven’t got the time to clock in your workout. You’re able to sweat just as much with combat archery. Work on your arms strength with the bow and arrows in hand and also stamina as you go around running to collect arrows and dodging them. The best part is not even noticing that it’s actually a form of workout because you’ll be busy having too much fun! No regrets for choosing combat archery as one of your team building games!

An Epic Adrenaline Rush

Combat Archery combines the classic game of dodgeball with the thrill of paintball. Combat Archery is an exciting and safe experience that becomes more challenging as the game goes along. This is perfect for team building activities, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, church groups, birthday parties or anger management.

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Nonstop Fun

"The arrows are very soft when they hit and you can even catch them mid-flight. Our games had "kickball" rules so if you caught the arrow the shooter was out, plus your team got a player back in. The field even had 2 bunkers to give some cover and laugh. "

- Robert Web

Amazing Birthday Party

"We hired On Purpose Adventures to have combat archery at my son's 9th birthday! It was amazing and the crew went above and beyond for my little guy! The zombie and clown targets were the perfect touch for my son’s 80s horror theme! I will definitely look into working with them again. They were wonderful and my son had the best 9th birthday ever (even in the crazy heat because his mom cannot plan lol)! Thank you again Kent and Ben! You definitely made Jake's 9th birthday the most memorable yet!"

Great For Groups

"I've done a few events with them and always a blast! Combat Archery was so much fun, one of the most unique things to say I've done. Great event for my group!"

- Sarah Bendorf