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Nonstop Fun

"The arrows are very soft when they hit and you can even catch them mid-flight. Our games had "kickball" rules so if you caught the arrow the shooter was out, plus your team got a player back in. The field even had 2 bunkers to give some cover and laugh. "

- Robert Web

Amazing Birthday Party

"We hired On Purpose Adventures to have combat archery at my son's 9th birthday! It was amazing and the crew went above and beyond for my little guy! The zombie and clown targets were the perfect touch for my son’s 80s horror theme! I will definitely look into working with them again. They were wonderful and my son had the best 9th birthday ever (even in the crazy heat because his mom cannot plan lol)! Thank you again Kent and Ben! You definitely made Jake's 9th birthday the most memorable yet!"

Great For Groups

"I've done a few events with them and always a blast! Combat Archery was so much fun, one of the most unique things to say I've done. Great event for my group!"

- Sarah Bendorf